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No More Boyfriends # 3


Jenna Sativa, is a masseuse and owner of a massage parlor, who solemnly vows that she will NEVER have sex with a client again. But when a beautiful new client, Jenna Foxx, enters the parlor for her massage appointment, the masseuse realizes this will be easier said than done. Nicole Aria comes in for her massage appointment. However, it turns out that her scheduled masseuse is Bella Rolland, her ex-girlfriend. Bella offers to find another masseuse so things won't get awkward, and asks her straight colleague, Kenna James, to replace her as Nicole's masseuse. Eventually, Nicole starts to flirt with Kenna, who surprisingly likes it. Kenna wonders if maybe she's not so straight after all, and Nicole offers to help her figure that out. It becomes clear that Bella isn't over Nicole yet and she barges in. Naturally, the solution to this is a threesome! Haley Spades finds her new neighbor Gizelle Blanco unpacking her new bedroom. Wanting to be helpful, Haley offers to give Gizelle a friendly massage. How can she deny such a nice offer from a new friend? But as Haley begins massaging Gizelle's shoulders, the sexual tension builds and it soon becomes obvious that they're going to be MORE than just friends!


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