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Aimee Cambridge is in the shower, but the water won't get warm. She calls for her stepson, Parker Sims. They talk through the door, but eventually Aimee insists that Parker come check it for her. She offers to cover herself, which gets him to come in.After spending some time in the shower once it's finally warmed, Aimee calls Parker back to get her some soap. This time she doesn’t bother to cover up, and even asks Parker to wash her back. When she is done in the shower, Aimee calls Parker back yet again to get her a towel. That's when she notices his huge boner and decides to do something about it.Dropping to her knees, Aimee sucks Parker's dick right in the bathroom. They move to the bedroom, where Aimee climbs aboard for a stiffie ride in her cooch. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl both stoke Aimee's fire even higher. She gets to her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding and then rolls onto her back sop Parker can dick her down balls deep. On her knees, Aimee opens wide to take a mouthful of her stepson's cum before suggesting they do it again soon.
Elsa Violet and Selina Imai have a plan to get fucked and to get a daddy at the same time. Elsa sabotages the sink and then calls her stepbrother Robby Echo in to come take a look. As soon as Robby is on the ground, the girls stand over him to help him peek beneath their miniskirts.Later, Robby is playing video games when Elsa comes in to tell him there's an emergency. That emergency turns out to be that Selina's pussy is wet with nothing to fill it. Robby begins by fingering that tight puss, but soon enough he's got his dick buried to the balls.Elsa wants some too, and she gets it as she peels her thong off and leans over the bed to take a doggy pussy pounding. While Robby is banging her, Elsa eats Selina out. Then Robby gets on his back so Selina can ride him while Elsa sits on his face. Tagging out, Selina masturbates as Elsa rides Robby in reverse cowgirl. Sated, the girls work together to suck Robby off in a sloppy BJ that leaves them with plenty of cum to snowball.
Addyson James comes home and finds her son's friend Zane asleep and wonders why he's there. And why her panties along with Zane's hard on are under the covers. Once she sees the size of his package, she can't resist to take it down her thirsty throat and in her tight wet Milf pussy.
I love big tits! Unfortunately, my wife's tits aren't that big. This is why I watch Skylar Snow's videos. She has an amazing pair of big natural tits and today I get to experience them for myself when she stops by my hotel room. She puts on some sexy lingerie, but that comes off quick as I touch, suck, and worship her breasts. I will have to have her back sometime soon.
College has been a blast. I've been doing very well and have taken the initiative to help my fellow classmates. My Professor, Richelle Ryan, has me stay behind after class and talk with her because she noticed my hard work and assistance with the other students. Professor Richelle rewarded me for my good-doings by treating me to some hardcore sex with her in her classroom. It was a dream come true having this sexy MILF bounce up and down and suck my hard cock before I came all over her.
Chris Lockwood can't get his pants to zip. His stepsister, Scarlett Alexis, comes in to tell him they're going to be late and winds up crouched before him to help. Reaching into the fly, Scarlett handles Chris's stiffie to try to get it out of the way. She compliments Chris's dick, but puts it away without any other hanky panky. As they're leaving, Scarlett comments she might need Chris's help after school.Later, Scarlett calls Chris into her bedroom to ask him for help unzipping her skirt. As Chris has his hands on her, Scarlett reaches over to pat his hardon. She wants to repay his help by giving him a blowjob and Chris can't say no. Once Scarlett's mouth is on his hardon, Chris knows he's gotta go all the way. He begins by eating Scarlett out.Getting to his feet, Chris replaces his tongue with his dick. Scarlett is a great lay as she writhes on the bed, clearly enjoying the feel of his hardon inside her cooch. She gets on her belly so Chris can do her from behind. Then the Latina babe rides Chris in reverse cowgirl. She falls to her side so Chris can spoon behind her. When her stepbro gives her a nice creampie, Scarlett throws her head back in the afterglow of a good fuck.
Violet Gems is helping her best friend by spying on her dad to see if he's hiding something on his phone. She searches the phone and finds out he's been texting a girl who isn't his wife. Turns out he is cheating on his wife. Violet also finds a dick pick and likes what she sees. GI Joey says it's not his cock but Violet wants proof. After seeing such a nice big dick, she wants a piece of that in her tight wet pussy.
Millie's jealous boyfriend doesn't like her chasing after engagement with another influencer... so it's a good thing the other thing she has planned with another man happens off-camera.
Simon Kitty has been doing naked livestreams for her followers. Today's sexy show is making muffins. Wearing only her apron, Simon gets to work. She sprinkles her big tits with flour and shows plenty of T&A as she begins mixing everything together. Just as thinks are getting good, her stepbrother Matthew Meier comes into the room.Matthew wants to know what Simon is doing, but she pulls him in to help even as she tries to explain. Matthew can't believe he's getting to see his hot stepsis in the nude, but he does as he's told and begins kneading the dough. Simon decides to make the show more interesting by getting on her knees to blow Matthew in preparation for giving him her muffin.Matthew puts Simon on the counter so the Internet can watch him eat his stepsis out. Then he shoves it in as Simon begs for more. She rolls onto her side to change up the angle of penetration, then gets on her knees on a chair so Matthew can do her in doggy. Sitting Matthew down, Simon rides him in reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl until she's finally sated. Once Simon has taken a nice facial on her knees, she thanks Matthew sweetly for helping make her show even better.
Jennifer White is doing the dishes when her stepson Dylan Ledger asks her for advice. He's thinking of starting a business where people rent out his time. Jennifer tells him that she thinks it's a great idea.Unfortunately, no one will hire Dylan. He asks Jennifer if she'll be a reference, so she requests a massage. Dylan complies, doing first his stepmom's shoulders and then her thighs. Jennifer loves the way his hands feel on her, especially once she gets him to massage her big titties and then her pussy with his tongue. Jennifer repays the favor by sucking Dylan's dick before she climbs onto his lap to ride him. Cowgirl becomes reverse cowgirl, but soon Jennifer is on her knees to get a doggy style dicking down. When she rolls over to cradle Dylan between her thighs, Jennifer insists he give her a creampie. When Dylan has given his stepmilf everything she asked for, Jennifer agrees to give him a nice recommendation.
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2 days ago (2024-06-12)
Megan and I meet for the first time after much anticipation in shooting together. We begin with making out and I go down on her on the edge of the bed. Once we start fucking she lets me know how hard and deep she likes it and I fuck her all over the bed. She takes it so well and I can't get enough of her. There's POV during the blowjob and while she rides me. I sit on her face and she licks my asshole while I stroke my cock. The scene ends with us fucking in missionary as she begs for my cum and I cum as deep as possible inside of her.
Ember Snow is meeting up with Kyle through a hook up app that she's frequently on. Kyle on the other hand, has never used it before. Ember is in for a great big surprise because once Kyle's huge cock comes out Ember will have a challange, a challange for her tight wet pussy to take it all in.
It’s just another day today…except that you’re poolside with two horny, natural pornstars, watching them frolic in water, scrubbing each other’s body down with suds in preparation to fuck the bejeezus out of you. Come again, you say? Oh yes, you will. Ashley Adams and Eliza Ibarra will each personally make sure that happens, beginning today with After School. Because there’s nothing you’d rather do after hitting the books is hitting it from behind, and then hitting it from behind again on another girl. Double blowjobs, double cowgirl, double doggystyle…you must be living a double life if you’ve got this kind of luck. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it because Ashley and Eliza have been dying to suck and grind on your big dick all day long.
A Gift Like No Other
2 days ago (2024-06-12)
Selina wants to make her stepdaddy feel good for Father's Day, and what he wants more than anything else is to feel up her slender, sexy body. He's been thinking about playing with his stepdaughter for a while, but he's never known how to approach the conversation. When Selina spills flour all over her tits, Jay can't help but cop a feel. Selina runs away, embarrassed, not knowing how to handle her stepdad playing with her tits. She is secretly turned on by the situation, though she knows it's wrong and shouldn't be thinking about her stepdaddy's cock. Yet she can't get the thought out of her head, and she soon gets the chance to take things to the next level. Jay wants a blowjob for Father's Day, and although Selina has never given a blowie before, she wants to do anything she can to please her stepdaddy. For an amateur, Selina quickly comes around and gets her stepdaddy's cock deep down her throat, ensuring he feels every pulse of her eager lips and mouth. The best gift of all, however, comes when Selina decides that her stepdaddy deserves some pussy for Father's Day. The sweet and eager babe rides him hard and lets him get his cock deep inside of her. It's a sensationally taboo gift. Jay fucks his stepdaughter until he's blasting shot after shot of hot sticky jizz.
Lola Aiko's little white dress might make her look like an angel... but she only wears panties when they help keep the big purple plug in!
Alexis arrives at Jules' house. She proceeds to walking around his pool area showing off her great Assets. Alexis makes it inside Jules's house. The sexual tension between them is undeniable. Jules begins to caress Alexis's body, focusing on her ASS. Jules leads Alexis into his bedroom, where he undresses her slowly, taking time to appreciate every curve of her body. They move towards the bed, their passion increasing as they get closer. With intense desire and mutual lust, Alexis and Jules finally give in to their desires with an intense display of sexual pleasure. Jules rewards Alexis with a facial blast she will never forget.
Phoebe and Sofie find a box of dildos belonging to Phoebe's mom. The girls can't resist having some fun and get right to work playing with each other's pussies. But their fun is interrupted when their stepbrothers, Nicky and Parker, catch them in the act. Nicky is shocked, to say the least. He can't believe he's watching his stepsis get her pussy played with by another girl with their mom's dildos, no less. The girls are already extremely horny, and they want to keep playing. But they've had toys - now they want the real thing. Nicky and Parker know they shouldn't mess around with each other's stepsisters, but the opportunity is too good to pass up. The girls get their pussies pummeled, and everything feels very kinky. Yet, all Nicky can think about is fucking his own stepsister. Phoebe feels the same way, and Parker and Sofie were secretly hoping they'd get to fuck, too. The guys agree to a Sis Swap and get the chance to fuck their own stepsisters now. It's even more intense now, and it's hard not to cum right away. But Nicky and Parker fuck their stepsister hard. When the lucky studs can't hold their loads any longer, they cum and give their stepsisters a creamy load to enjoy.
Kitty Lynn surprises her favorite professor with a cupcake, but she has something special planned with it. She decides that the best way for her professor to eat said cupcake is to have him lick it off her tits. Her professor definitely can't say no to Kitty's nice pierced nipples, so he takes a lick. Kitty also takes a lick...of his penis; and that's just the first part of his present.
4 days ago (2024-06-10)
Haley Reed and her man sneak into the neighbor's house to film a naughty movie. It feels so good to be bad!
Kevin and his girlfriend want to hook up Max with a girl today at the mall, Max doesn't want to go because he's a virgin and has no experience with girls. Kevin's mom Ebony Mystique, arrives home and asked why wasn't he at the mall with her son. Max told her that he doesn't know how to treat a woman, and since the house is empty, and they're all alone she can undress him and show Max how to fuck a woman.